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[To design interviews] The value of design lies in market performance and recognition

Shenzhen Ruichengfu Science and Technology has always been a pursuit, attitude and pragmatic industrial design company. They have a very solid industrial design capability in the design of 3C information products, intelligent household appliances, media broadcasting systems and many other electronic products. In this issue, we invited Zhao Shizong, the founder of Rui Chengfu Science and Technology, to discuss the understanding of design and the concept of entrepreneurship.

To design: What are your opportunities in the design industry?

Zhao Shizong: In the past 15 years, I have seen and used a lot of products. At that time, I felt that most of the products were too homogeneous. Most of them were designed to make money and cost. Some of them were even shanzhai. So I hope that I can at least do some products in my own design field, which are in line with my own and consumers'ideas, regardless of performance, quality, use experience, etc.

To design: What do you think of the current status of the design industry? How does it compare with when you first started?

Zhao Shizong: The competition in the design industry can be said to be more and more intense. The improvement of material level and the industrial design industry have been paid more and more attention. Consumers have a higher and higher definition of good products. The polishing of a product will also be more stringent. This is a good and inevitable result of development.

To design: Have you ever encountered bottlenecks or no inspiration since you were engaged in industrial design? How to overcome difficulties?

Zhao Shizong: I believe that all the design industry peers will encounter bottlenecks, my approach is simple and effective for me personally. That is to remove the original ideas from the brain, empty the head, do something irrelevant, go to sports or see a movie, and then the pressure and mental burden is not so great, after a thorough relaxation, inspiration will automatically come to me;

To design: Many people will lose their passion after being immersed in this industry for a long time. How do you maintain your passion for industrial design?

Zhao Shizong: In fact, in any industry, even personal hobbies, there will be the possibility of losing passion. The key is to realize this first. Give yourself a big direction, some small direction. When these small directions are gradually achieved, and when you find yourself getting closer and closer to the larger direction, your enthusiasm will be well maintained. After crossing a big mountain, we will challenge the next one.

Have ideals, but not unrealistic ideals

To design: The ultimate goal of industrial design is to achieve mass production, some products in the conception of the sky, but it is difficult to land production, how to grasp the balance of artistry, pioneer and landability of design?

Zhao Shizong: Designers are mostly idealists and perfectionists, but there are still some compromises in industrial design. Process design and validation of product models are important in the early stages, but process design engineers are needed to assist in bringing ideas to a close.

To design: Many designers often complain that the value of design has not been taken seriously. How do you think the value of design can be taken seriously in order to be reflected?

Zhao Shizong: I always believe that the product has been mass produced and sold well, and that the best and most practical affirmation for designers is to get high praise and recognition. However, as an industrial designer, we must not only confine ourselves to the present situation, but also keep up with our own industry and constantly renew and iterate ourselves. Only excellent people can make excellent products, can they achieve the success of products and the embodiment of their own value, which is a benign cause and effect track.

On Craftsman Spirit and Artificial Intelligence

To design: From "I build cultural relics in the Forbidden City" to "extraordinary ingenuity" and other industrial programs, to "Tongue Tip" of Zhangqiu Iron Pot, "Craftsman Spirit" has been repeatedly emphasized in recent years. As a new generation of Chinese industrial designers, how do you think of the "Craftsman Spirit" of this era?

Zhao Shizong: Craftsmen are a kind of spirit that is strict with their products and themselves. Good products speak for themselves. Fast food products also have their own market, we can not deny its ability in business and market, but fast food is fast food after all, as far as the product itself is concerned, its vitality will not be very strong. But with the spirit of craftsmen, ten years of sharpening a sword of products, its vitality must be strong and able to flourish for quite a long time. In this era, there are still many limitations to fully implement the four words of craftsman spirit. I still regard this concept as a kind of spur to product design and myself.

To design: The tide of AI seems to be slowly sweeping the market. Recently, the profession of "AI trainer" has appeared. What do you think of this upsurge?

Zhao Shizong: There are too many tasks to collect and summarize in design or traditional manufacturing. These tasks still need to be completed by human resources. In fact, this is a huge waste of human resources and time costs. Therefore, AI has its inevitable trend. Cost and efficiency are always a company must face with. The problems to be solved;

To design: For the coming industrial designers or students studying industrial design have any message?

Zhao Shizong: As soon as we enter the deep sea of design, it is a road that needs continuous learning, continuous expansion and continuous practice. I hope that all students can locate themselves as soon as possible, find a direction, stick to the end, and never forget the beginning.

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